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Training - Green Platform -

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Green Platform is currently presenting the following program:

Trafficking in Persons - 2.5 Days course - 10.5 CPD Points on completion.

Who will benefit from this training?

Social Workers, Social Auxiliary Workers and staff from the organisations rendering services to victims of trafficking.

The South African Council for Social Service Professionals (SACSSP) allocated Continious Professional Development Points to the above-mentioned programmes.

Why an organisation wants to hire Green Platform?

The consultants may be hired because of their expertise and accountability. This will pay to be the best in the Victim Empowerment service field to consult in. The consultants have a track record that speaks for itself in Victim Empowerment and keep up with new discoveries such as the need for services and programmes on trafficking in persons.

All directors are familiar with the history of the Victim Empowerment Programme and the latest developments. A knowledgeable and trusted outside expert can offer a fresh perspective in a much-needed objectivity. Services can be freelanced.


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